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      What is the impact on the unit if steam temperature too high or too low?

      when the turbine factory design, cylinders, separators, and other parts of the rotor according to the level of steel steam parameters chosen for a certain kind of steel it must have a maximum allowable operating temperature, at this temperature, it has a certain mechanical properties, if the operating temperature is higher than a lot of the design value, it bound to cause the deterioration of metal mechanical properties, lower intensity, fragility, resulting in deformation of the cylinder creeping inflation, laxation of impeller sets on bearing, vibration or movement friction on turbine operation, seriously make equipment damage, so the turbine in operation does not allow over-temperature operation.

      When the new steam pressure and other parameters unchanged, the new steam temperature is lowered, decreased cycle thermal efficiency, if the load is kept constant, the steam flow rate increases, and increases the moisture loss of the turbine, reducing the efficiency of the machine.

      The new steam temperature decrease will make the grade, except foam levels were reduced enthalpy drop, should increase the degree of reaction, the axial force of the rotor increase, the turbine safety disadvantage.

      The new steam temperature drops sharply, it may cause water turbine impact on the safe operation of the turbine is a serious threat.